Litice ( 23 km) - The exhibition includes the extensive castle area, the interior of the preserved southern palace, examples of archaeological finds from the 15th to 17th centuries, engravings of the surrounding castles, an exhibition of period postcards, a tower with a view of the surroundings. Exhibitions, performances by historical fencing groups and other cultural and social events are occasionally held in the area.

Potštejn (30 km) - The ruins of Potštejn, one of the largest Czech castles, can hardly be missed by a tourist travelling through the valley of the Wild Eagle in the Rychnovsk region. A tour of its ruins, especially as far as the fortifications are concerned, will be a powerful experience for every tourist. The well-known writer Alois Jirásek used real events and set the events of his novel Poklad in Potštejn.

Litice nad Orlicí - In the charming landscape of eastern Bohemia, in the places where the predatory water of the Wild Orlice carved its way in a deep curve in the middle of vast forests, the castle of Litice stands out on the top of a low hill. The castle was built by members of the Půtic family. During the tenure of Jiří z Poděbrady, the castle underwent major and costly modifications until 1468, which made Litica one of the foremost fortresses in Bohemia in the 15th century.


Rychnov n. Kněžnou (30 km) - The Kolowrat Castle together with the facade of the Church of the Holy Trinity is one of the largest and most beautiful Baroque ensembles in Bohemia. The author of this unique architectural composition is the famous architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel; image gallery; Toy Museum;

Doudleby ( 28 km) – Not big, but ethereal palace is a creation of italian renaissance artists. Unique sgraffito decoration, covering all external and internal facades, is a highly valued by experts and the general public. Do not miss a walk through the castle park in the neighbourhood of the newly built nature reserve; Vrbice lookout tower (+5 km);

Potštejn (30 km) - Baroque castle was built in 1749 by Count Jan Ludvík Harbuval Chamaré. Come and see how the renovation continues. In the castle you can see historical interiors and from 2007 a marble hall with a rare, richly decorated stucco ceiling is also available.

Častolovice (34 km) - Častolovice Castle, the residence of the lords from Oppersdorf and then the Šternberks, to whom it still belongs today, is a valuable Renaissance building. In this case, the architecture of the castle and the adjacent park is additionally enriched with extremely valuable interiors, which all together make Častolovice a remarkable object.

Opočno (52 km) - The grounds of the Opočno Castle are a unique set of monuments, documenting the way of life, taste and thinking of a part of Czech society over the course of five centuries. Due to its historical and artistic value, the castle was declared a national cultural monument.

Nové Město n. Metují (56 km) - The castle in Nové Město nad Metují is part of the city's historic reserve and is located in the western corner of the square. It was built together with the city, originally as a late Gothic castle that had the city


It began to be built in 1933 and its construction took 5 years. Since the construction of the dam took place during the economic crisis, the Ministry of Economy decided that it would be built of stone in order to employ as many people as possible. Because at that time it was common to use concrete during construction, this is the last stone dam in the Czech Republic. Today, the dam is a popular tourist destination. There are many beaches and water attractions, during the summer the „Vláček pastviňáček“ rides around the dam.


An old, memorable tree grows above the Pastvinská dam - the so-called Vejd’s linden. The tree dates back to the time when the village of Pastviny still existed. It is the most powerful tree in the territory of the Czech Republic. Its age is estimated at 700 to 800 years.


(9 Km) - The craft museum was opened on May 18, 2000. It is located in the heritage-protected premises of Nový dvor from 1750. With an area of 1750 m2, it is the largest museum of its kind in the Czech Republic. It includes more than 50 comprehensive exhibitions of crafts and trades from the period 1840-1930.


(10 Km) - Orlice Fortress is located on the outskirts of Letohrad, in the middle of nature. The seat was probably built at the end of the 13th century, and in the 16th century the fortress was rebuilt into a Renaissance castle. After the nobility moved from Orlice to the Kyšperecky castle in 1650, the building was adapted for farming purposes. At the end of the 20th century, car workshops were added to the area and the fortress building fell into disrepair for 40 years. In 2008, the restoration of the entire complex began, after the completion of the revitalization, the complex was opened to the public in 2012, creating a new tourist destination.


(10 Km) - Sports area providing summer enjoyment, you can enjoy summer tubing, trampolines, roller coaster rides, water bumpers and mountain all-terrain carts here in June and July. You can refresh yourself in the SKI BAR, where in the summer season they prepare fresh trout for you, which you can catch yourself in the local stream.


(20 Km) - Another popular place for tourists is the Říčky Ski Area, where from the summer season of 2017 you can try the Bike park, the cable car will take you up and it’s up to you to go down. The bike park is for both experienced riders and beginners. In the area you will also find a ropes course or you can try mountain scooters and tricycles.


(23 Km) - As the slogan of the area "Mountains of experiences" suggests, young and old alike can enjoy themselves here. A chair lift leading under the Path in the Clouds is waiting for you in the grounds, which is 55 meters high and you can use the slide to go down. Other activities include off-road scooters, bobsleigh track, Bag Jump, Disk Golf park and pedal carts. Children can visit Mamutík’s water park, Lesní žažitkový park or Sand world. For adults, there is an Adrenalin park with lots of adrenaline experiences.


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